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Below are the questions and if you click on them you will be directed to the answer.


How can I get more Energy

You can wait for reset. You can also purchase an amount of mythril and travel to Silver Meadows and change your mythril into energy. The amount of energy you get from mythril may be subject to change.You can also spend AP points for energy.

How do I Battle

There are multiple ways you can battle:
-At the Blackdale or Silver Meadows NPC battle arena.
-Against a friend or foe, by clicking on his/her name and then selecting "Attack _____"
An easy way of finding someone to attack near your level is to go to the Battle Arena. You input the range level of players you would like to find, then press trace.

How do I sell things

You can sell things to other players, at the Market Stalls, or post a listing at the Greedy Markets located at Silver Meadows.

How do I obtain AP and What is it for?

You can obtain AP by voting on the sites listed Voting/AP. You can also learn how to use them at this link. These voting sites will not harm you in anyway. AP can give you all types of interesting advantages.

How do I sell/use Mythril Ore?

You can not sell mythril ores. You can change them into pieces of mythril by using a Warhammer found at the Everdark Mountains. You must be 14 days of age to leave Blackdale. A Warhammer cost 2,000,000 gold and to use it, Go to "Your Hut", then to "Rucksack" which is above your drawstring bag. In your Rucksack, Go to Tools. The general conversion is:
11 Mythril Ores = 2 pieces of Mythril
There is a possibility that you can get more or less. It's a general rate. It is a risk to do so.

How can I join a Clan?

To join a clan, first find a clan that is suitable to you. Click on a member's name. Scroll down to where it says "Clan:______". The clan name will be a hyperlink. Click into the clan. Down at the bottom it will say "Apply". Make sure you meet the clans requirements first. If you already belong to a clan, you can not press apply. You can only join 1 clan at a time. You can also join clans by visiting Clans found in Blackdale. If you want to leave a clan, then go to Member Area and then select Leave Clan. It will then ask you a confirmation question. If you want to leave the clan, select yes. If you do not want to leave, Press No.

How can I make Money?

There are many different ways you can make money. Save up your gems and sell them in mass. Watch for low priced listings in the Market Stalls and then post them for higher prices. Or donate to the game and sell your rewards. Fight Non-Playable Characters (NPC's). Also, check out the Farmlands and The Ocean. The general idea is to find a method that suits you, or even make a new one for yourself!

What is Nectar used for and how do I get it?

Nectar can be used for unsouling, creating Lucky Charms, and praying for power. Unsouling means that you remove a players "soul" from a special kind of weapon. These weapons are mainly known as "Myth Weapons". It requires 50 nectars and 1 million gold to unsoul one weapon. If you want to create a Lucky Charm, have 10 nectars and 10,000 gold ready. Lucky Charms will increase your odds of getting good results from the Shadow Church. Praying for power requires you to have 50 nectars and 100,000 gold. It will increase your Strength and Agility by 2 points. You can sell your nectars in the Market Stalls as well. You can perform the first 3 actions by going to the Nectar Shop located in Blackdale. You can donate them to the clan you are in as well. To obtain nectar, Nectar you have to mine from clan mine thats above level 30. You might not always get some. You can buy nectars or recieve them as a gift as well.

What is Mythril used for and how do I get it?

Mythril is mainly used as a currency to most players. You can sell it on the Market Stalls or to another player. Mythril can purchase weaponry from the Mythril Man. You can convert Mythril into energy as well. This is done by going to Silver Meadows, and going into the Mythril Hut. The amount of mythril is subject to change every now and then, and you always need to have at least one "mythril turn" (you get 1 turn per reset, and with energy tokens you can save up to 120 turns) in order to convert mythril to energy. You can donate them to the clan you are in as well. You can change Mythril ores into mythril, You can buy it from the Markets or another player. You can recieve them as a gift. And you can mine from a clan mine of at least 15 and recieve them.

What are Gems for?

Gems can be sold to other players,on the market, and sent to another player. You can put different sizes of gems into weapon sockets. Each weapon has a fixed amount of sockets. To change the size of your gem you must follow the instructions the Jewels Inc.(Blackdale) or the Jewellers (Silver Meadow) give you. If you would like to put gems into your weapon, visit the Blacksmith to learn more. If you decide to remove the gems from your weapon, you will not get your gems back. In the backroom, Kassandra can upgrade your armor. You can donate them to the clan you are in as well in any size you wish. A new feature was added and now you can use your Rubies for Health Point increasements. Find the Potion's Shop in Blackdale. It may be a bit costly for new players. If you have not purchased a Drawstring Bag from Marty's Store, you must do so before being able to carry any gems.

What are Opals for and What is a Race/Skill level?

Opals are used to gain race levels. There are 6 unique races, each with a special ability. For more information about races refer to Race Levels.Your race can only be changed if you hit Race/Skill level 5. You can obtain opals by: killing Special and Boss NPC's or spinning the key wheel located at the Casino. You can level your race by being 14 days of age, traveling to Silver Meadows and going to the Blacksmith there. It is suggested that you have 2000 opals first. It can be called either way, Race or Skill level.

What are keys used for?

Keys can be used for opening chests in the Countryside, which you must be 14 days of age to travel to. Keys can be spun at the Key Wheel found at the Casino, it is very possible you may spin the wheel and recieve nothing. You can also list them for sale at the Market Stalls.

How do I get an NPC Auto Battle Credit/Syphon

You can get those items by donating to the game. Donating will show you exactly how to donate. If you can not donate, you can pay in Eternal Duel Currency (Gold) to another player and have them donate for you. You can get those items by visiting the Market Stalls in Blackdale. There are 2 sub-catgory exchanges for those items. Both of these items are now sendable.

What are Silver/Bronze Ores for?

Silver and Bronze ores are used as part of the payment for a Race Weapon 3. There are currently no other uses for it. You can currently donate them to the clan you are in, save them up yourself, of sell them to those willing to pay for it (though those have become rare).

What are Syphons for and how do I get them?

You can obtain syphons by donating to the game. For more information on Donating read this page. You can also get syphons by buying them from the Market stalls. Syphons have many uses. You can start a clan if you have 20 syphons. You can get 10 Energy Tokens per syphon. Energy Tokens save your Energy, Mining Attempts, Wraithblade touches (praying attempts) and Mythril turns (allows you to convert mythril to energy) when you leave for a while. Note if you run out of or turn off tokens all saved up wraithblade touches, myth turns and minning attempts will be lost. You can get a jewelled medallion for 50 30* syphons. A Medallion allows you to do Ultimate Training. You need to reach other requirements for Ultimate Training as well.
* - In an effort to make it easier for younger players to buy the medallion with high syphonprices, staff have temporarily lowered the cost of the medallion from 50 to 30 syphon.

How do I make a clan?

To create a clan you first need to obtain 2 shaman emblems and 20 syphons. Those items are very costly and are difficult to obtain. It will cost roughly 1 billion gold at the current market prices. It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not start a clan until you have enough money to support the clan and its mine. Most of the older players would recommend that you are 75 days of age, at level 150, and at least 500million gold to support your clan. These are opinions of successful players.

How do I use my Mining Attempts?

If you want to use your Mining Attempts, you should visit the Clan Mines in Blackdale. There should be some clan mines available for you to mine at. The clan that made the mine can set the tax at whatever they want. The tax will take some of your rewards from mining away. You will get 15 mining attempts per Reset. If you don't use your mining attempts before another reset, you will lose them. You can choose to mine at your own clans mine. They will have a seperate member tax. You recieve mythril at clan mines of level 15+ and you recieve nectar at clan mines of level 30+.

The list of mines (at Clan Mines ) with available attempts left on them also shows the subsidy you will receive per attempt if you choose to mine there. It will also show howmany attempts a clan can still pay for out of their treasury; so make sure to pay attention to that, and don't mistakenly mine a broke clan's mine and expect to be paid for it ;)

How can I fight with all my energy in one click/NPC Credit?

To fight with all of your energy in one click, you must obtain an NPC credit. One of the questions above has answered how to obtain one. If you want to use an NPC credit, go to "Your Hut" and find where it says Auto NPC Battle Credits:.
Important: Please make sure you can defeat your target NPC before you use an Auto NPC Battle Credit on it. If you lose all your battles because you didnt know you could win, or because of an accident, refunds will not be given.

Where do I get Energy Tokens and what do they do?

This question was answered above under What are Syphons for and how do I get them?

What does it mean to be 14 days of age?

When players say be 14 days of age, it means you should have played this game for 14 real days. You will be allowed to do multiple things when your 14 days of age. You can travel through the Countryside, go up the Everdark Mountain Range, find your way to Silver Meadows. If you do intend to traverse the Countryside, I strongly recommend that you purchase Elixers from the Witch at Rydar Street. If you don't see the "Talk to the Witch" option just try again, she will eventually appear.

What are Shinu Spirits that are in the Countryside?

Shinu Spirits simply display the number of times you have been killed by bandits in the Countryside

How do I get to Silver Meadows?

To get to Silver Meadows you can either go through the Countryside to (25,25) or use the Cullis Portals after you turn 14 days old. To use the Portals does cost money based on how many HP you have. To get to Silver Meadows it costs 3 times your Current HP in gold. To return to Black Dale it costs 6 times your Current HP in gold.

What are Runes?

Currently there are two types of Runes in the game. Both Runes are found in the Countryside. The first rune is an Attack Rune. This rune allows you to attack players who are more than 20 levels (for non-donators) or 75 levels (for donators) lower than you unless they have a Defense rune. The Defense Rune is the second rune. This rune prevents players more than 20 levels higher (if they are non donators) or 75 levels higher (if they are donators) than you from attacking you. Runes can be upgraded in the Countryside at a cost of 20mil times the next level of rune desired. Which means if a donator with a Level 1 Attack Rune attacks a player 76 levels below his character who has a level 2 Defense Rune then the attacker will not be able to attack since the Defense Rune is stronger. If the Defense Rune was a weaker level than the Attack Rune then the player would be able to attack. In other words, the stronger rune decides if there will be a battle or not. AS before if both Runes are of equal level the Defense Rune will win.


Babysitting someone else's account is no longer allowed. If you are away from the game and wish to conserve daily energy etc. it is advised to use energy tokens (syphons are converted into energy tokens). The babysitting rule has been temporarily suspended. Please check Game Rules for the current status of babysitting.

What are loans

Some players loan out gold and other resources for a period on time and normally charge some interest. They will write up a contract with you in an imail and if you agree to it you have a binding contract. If the due time comes and the person has not repaid the loan they will be jailed (see Game Rules) and the gold/resource will be transferred back to the loaner excluding the interest and the defaulter will have it deducted from their account including the interest. i.e. Gold will go to their debt field and other resources will go into negatives.

What is debt/negative resources?

If you have debt 70% of any gold you get to hand will go towards the debt until it is paid off. Same for negative resources except that 100% of what you recieve will go towards it.

Other links you might want to look at for info is Game Resources and Game Stats