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Game Resources

Here you will find information on all the resources in the game.


Mythril is one of the games most used and valued resources in the game. It can be acquired from either Donating to the game and trading your Syphon for Mythril, mining it from high level Clan Mines, buying it from other players at the Market Stalls, or getting lucky with your keys at the Big Fish Casino Roulette Wheel in Blackdale. Now you're also able to acquire Mythril Ore which you get from AP. You get AP as a reward for voting for the game. Information on this is found at Voting/AP. You can use the Warhammer from EverDark Mountains to turn your Mythril Ore into Mythril. Mythril can be used for Energy, or Mythril Weapons, which are the third most powerful weapons in the game at the current time. To buy these weapons go to the Mythril Man in Blackdale.


Syphon is one of the only items that only comes from Donating to the game.
It can be traded from one player to another but you can't mine it, fish it or farm it so by this it is one of the most expensive items in the game.
You will get 1 Syphon per $1 aus.

Syphons can be coverted into several items:

  • Master Crystals
  • Master Diamonds
  • Master Emeralds
  • Master Rubies
  • Master Opals
  • Nectar
  • Mythril
  • Energy Tokens
  • A New Clan (1*)
  • Jewelled Medallion (2*)

  1. Clans also require 2 Shaman's Emblems which can be obtained through the markets. There is also a rare chance of getting one by battling the Shaman NPC.
  2. Jewelled Medallion is a special item which unlocks the 5th level of training (Ultimate Training). You must also be level 300 with 850 strength and agility to use this training. Unlike all other levels of training, Ultimate Training has no limitations or caps on how much it can be used.

NOTE:Since syphon conversions are no longer fixed for all items, please check Syphon conversion rates for an accurate rating.


Nectar can be used for unsouling, creating Lucky Charms, and praying for power. Unsouling means that you remove a players "soul" from a special kind of weapon. These weapons are mainly known as "Myth Weapons".
It requires 50 nectars and 1 million gold to unsoul one weapon.
If you want to create a Lucky Charm, have 10 nectars and 10,000 gold ready. Lucky Charms will increase your odds of getting good results from the Shadow Church.
Praying for power requires you to have 50 nectars and 100,000 gold. It will increase your Strength and Agility by 2 points each.
You can sell your nectars in the Market Stalls as well. You can perform the first 3 actions by going to the Nectar Shop located in Blackdale. You can donate them to the clan you are in as well.
To obtain nectar, you have to mine from clan mines that are above level 30. You might not always get some. You can buy nectars or receive them as a gift as well.


Keys they can be gotten from fighting NPCs, they can be used at the Casino on the Key Wheel to randomly get resources, or you can use them to open chests in the countryside. They can also be sold at the Market Stalls.

NPC Battle Credits

NPC Battle Credits are part of the reward for Donating to the game. They enable you to fight NPCs several times at once. You can select how much energy you want to use with the help of these credits. Like other resources you can sell these in the Market Stalls.


Weapon Upgrades:
Crystal (+2 min dmg)
Large Crystal (+10 min dmg)
Super Crystal (+15 min dmg, 10% extra exp)
Master Crystal (+20 min dmg, 25% exp and gold)

They can also be used to upgrade armour (we will let you work out that one) or sell them at the Market Stalls

Blacksmith in Blackdale


Weapon Upgrades:
Diamond (+4 max dmg)
Large Diamond (+20 max dmg)
Super Diamond (+30 max dmg, 10% extra exp)
Master Diamond (+50 max dmg, 25% exp and gold)

Master Diamonds can also be used at the Character Upgrade Shop in a clan castle for stats. (2 Master Diamonds + 1 million gold= +1 strength).You can also sell them at Market Stalls.

Blacksmith in Blackdale


Weapons Upgrades:
Emerald (+6 min dmg)
Large Emerald (+20 min dmg)
Super Emerald (+30 min dmg, 10% extra exp)
Master Emerald (+50 min dmg, 25% exp and gold)

Master Emeralds can also be used at the Character Upgrade Shop in a clan castle for stats. (2 Master Emeralds + 1 million gold= +1 agility). You can also sell them at Market Stalls.

Blacksmith in Blackdale


Weapon upgrades:
Ruby (+6 min dmg, +6 max dmg)
Large Ruby (+20 min dmg, +20 max dmg)
Super Ruby (+30 min dmg, +30 max dmg -10% extra exp)
Master Ruby (+50 min dmg, +50 max dmg, -25% exp and gold)

You can also use rubies to increase your HP at the Potion Shop in Blackdale.

Blacksmith in Blackdale


Emblems, also known as Shamans Emblems, are used to create clans in Eternal Duel. This also requires

  1. Thee must have two Shaman's Emblem, to satisfy the gods.
  2. Thee must have 20 syphon, for the magic power needed.
  3. Thee must be of spirit pure and not be committed to a clan already.

Buying a Clan


Opals are converted into Race Experience. If you have enough Race Experience, you can gain a Race Level increase. You can convert opals to experience at the Blacksmith in Silver Meadow.

Normal Opal (+2 Race Experience)
Large Opal (+30 Race Experience)
Super Opal (+400 Race Experience)
Master Opal (+5000 Race Experience)

As you can see, it pays to wait until you have 1,000 normal opals, convert those to 1 master opal, and hand that in for race experience.
You can get opals from defeating Non-normal NPCs in the NPC arena's; Using Keys at the keywheel or playing the random Number Game (both in Blackdale's Casino) and you can buy up to 75 opals per day from the Pawn Shop in Silver Meadows.

NOTE: Unlike the other resources mentioned here, Opals can NOT be traded, sold or even given away.

Blacksmith in Silver Meadows
HelpFiles:Race Levels (Howmuch race experience do I need to level up??)


Uberwood is the newest resource in the game and a “mini- quest” must be completed in order to harvest this resource. Once harvested it can be used to specialise your mine to increase the output of either Mythril, Nectar or Gems. However this will decrease the outputs of the two resources you didn’t select. Only one specialisation is allowed at any one time.