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Mythril Man

This is the the Mad Mythril Man, and he is where you can buy some of the more powerful weapons, in exchange for Mythril. The weapons available for purchase here are the,
Vortex Blade (20 mythril),
The Soul Knife (30 Mythril),
The Soul Blade (50 Mythril),
Leviathan Blade (75 Mythril).

The requirements can be pretty steep for new players, so be sure to check them before purchasing anything.

When you bind a soul to one of these Weapons, its special magic is bonded to that person and only they may use it. The only way you can unbind a mythril weapon is to unsoul it. This can be done here for 50 mythril and 1,000,000 gold, or at the Nectar Shop for 50 nectar and 1,000,000 gold.

Mythril is one of the games most used resources, so it has a high value.

Other places you might consider looking at for ways of using mythril are the Mythril Hut in Silver Meadows. Others ill let you find for yourself...

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Mythril Hut Silver Meadows - You need to be in Silver meadows.