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Game Rules

Rules Regarding:

The punishments in parenthesis are suggested punishments for breaking the rules.

I.Unauthorized Access:

Deliberately accessing game mechanics or other people\'s accounts without prior consent.

A.) Hacking of Accounts: Giving or using any links or sites that cause people to do things within their account without their knowledge or consent. Logging into or using another person\'s account without express permission will be judged as hacking. (IP Ban and Deletion)

B.) Hacking of the Game: Any threats to or deliberately trying to access game code without permission from the Owner. (IP Ban and Deletion).

C.) Bug Abuse: Abusing bugs will be treated as a serious offence. This includes intentionally loopholing around the game code. If you find a bug or glitch that can be profited from, do not let us find out that you took advantage of it. Depending on severity, game bug abuse will result in anywhere from a 30 day jail term to account deletion. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported in the appropriate thread on the message boards. If the subject in question is too sensitive for the message boards, you should contact one of the Game Developers (usually Managers or coders) with a detailed imail description. (30 days, and in the case of profit made from bug abuse: <=5 billion = 30 days + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*; possibility of instant permajailing / deletion in very severe cases)

D.) Loss of Items Due to Unauthorized Access: Lost items will only be returned provided the items can be tracked.

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II. Account Ownership:

The account owner is responsible for their account at all times. This means if your friends/family/pet crocodile logged into your account and causes trouble you will be held responsible for whatever Game, Chat, or Message board Rules they break.

A.) Sharing: Player accounts are the sole property of an individual player and cannot be shared with any other player or individuals. (Deletion)

B.) Baby-sitting: Babysitting someone else\'s account is no longer allowed. If you are away from the game and wish to conserve daily energy etc. it is advised to use energy tokens (syphons are converted into energy tokens).
As per 21/07/2010 this rule has been suspended until management deems syphon prices reasonable enough again.
This means that babysitting is once again allowed, under the following conditions:

Allowed are: Use of energy, Use of Wraithblade Touches, Use of Mining attempts, Voting for AP, Buying from Pawn Shop, Fishing and/or farming.
NOT Allowed, are: Market transactions (including placing Greedy Market listings), Clan donations or withdrawals, Sends (of any kind) to other players, Chatting or posting on MBs.

Staff MUST be informed of the babysitting in advance; simply imail the staff mailbox with the ID of both accounts involved, aswell as startdate and (estimated) enddate.
Babysitting is limited to a maximum of 21 consecutive days (Management reserves the right to alter this maximum in specific cases)
Upon reinstatement of the no babysitting rule there will be at least a one month \'heads-up\' time so people have the time to make other arrangements.

C.) Account Selling: You may not at any time trade or sell your account with another player. (40 days/Deletion)

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III. Player Conduct:

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner and to read and understand the Terms of Service, Game Rules, Chat Rules, and Message Board Rules.

A.) Name Length: Account names have to contain at least one character and can be up to twenty characters. These can be both visible and invisible characters. Every name MUST contain at least one letter from the standard English alphabet. Staff has the discretion to alter names which they view as spam or as illegible. (First time offence: Warning. Second time offence and thereafter: 5 days jail.)

B.) Vulgar Names: Vulgar or indecent names will not be allowed on ED. If you have been asked to change your name by a staff member, please do so. Refusing to change your name and causing Staff to change your name for you will result in a jailing. (5 days)

C.) Impersonation: Do not impersonate other players without their permission and do not change names or how it appears to anything having to do with staff or imail players telling them you are staff. Moderator Trainees and up are considered staff members. (15 days)

D.) Promoting other games/URLs: Promoting other games to include asking for coding assistance while in Eternal Duel will not be tolerated. If you promote them through imail then it becomes a general game offence. Inappropriate links or images sent through Imail, Chat, set as your phrase or represented in another form is considered a breach of this rule. URLs not leading to other games/porn/illegal material via imail are allowed. (30 Days)

E.) Signature Images: Signature images or personal phrases may not contain URLs that lead to other games, pornography or illegal material (including copyrighted media). Images used may not contain illustrations of adult material, including pornography and gore or excessive graphical violence. Images or phrases breaching this rule will be removed and repeated failure to follow the rule will lead to a jail term. A warning may not always be issued first, depending on the severity of the offense.

F.) Loopholes: Do not try to use/exploit loopholes in the rules. Doing so will result in you receiving punishment as stated in the rule you attempted to use a loophole with. Repeated attempts of trying to use loopholes to get around rules will result in an extended punishment as according to the rules. (Depending on loopholed rule)

G.) Leaked information: Do not in any way share or use staff only information that has been leaked, accidentally or intentionally. If you obtain any information you suspect you shouldn\'t have, contact a Vice Manager immediately. Players are required to report leaks and anyone found knowing something they shouldn\'t without reporting it will be held responsible and jailed. Duration of sentence will depend on severity of offense aswell as intentionality and cooperation. Any substantive proof you can provide of a leaker will benefit you in way of reducing your sentence. (5+ days up to a maximum of permanent jailing)

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IV. Account Interactions:

Interactions between accounts are monitored closely especially when accounts appear on the same IP. We are aware that oftentimes there is more than one person on any given IP who play Eternal Duel. At no time is a player allowed to own more than one account. If you have more than one account or you are sharing an IP with other players immediately notify an Admin/Vice Manager/Manager so that the other account(s) can be deleted or verified as being a Shared IP Account.

A.) Multi: Any account not verified as being a Shared IP Account will be considered a Multi. Any transactions between the Main account and the Multi accounts will be subtracted from the Main account. The Multi accounts will then be deleted and the Main account Jailed. (<=5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*; Plus deletion of any extra accounts.)

B.) Same IP Trading: Accounts on the same IP are not allowed to trade at any time. If you are unsure if what you are doing falls under this rule, contact management ASAP to get a review and find out if you are cleared to trade or not. Players who trade between accounts on the same IP will have the funds removed and both accounts jailed. (<=5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*.)

C.) Middlemen: Using a middleman of any form (other players, markets, clans) to get around the Same IP Trading/Multi rules will result the removal of funds from the game, possible fines, and all parties jailed. (<=5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*.)

D.) Mass One Way Transactions: Transactions pre-dominantly conducted between Player A to Player B in which normally only Player B gains from the transactions. In cases such as this, the funds will be removed from the game and both accounts jailed. (<=5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*.)

E.) Multi to get around Ban/Jailing: Do not make another account to circumvent any sort of banning or jailing. If you feel the need to make a complaint use the proper channels which in this case is the EDSC or by directly imailing a Vice Manager or Manager. Every time you make an account to get around a banning or jailing you will be jailed for an additional 5 days. (5 days per occurrence)

F.) Multiple Accounts on same IP: Players may not be in the same clan owned by another player on their IP. Donations will be considered same IP trading and dealt with accordingly

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V. Player to Player Social Interactions:

We understand that not all people can at all times get along with each other. However, this is a game to be enjoyed by all players who log in. As such, all players have the right to enjoy the game without fear of harassment or prejudice.

A.) Harassment: Game staff determines when communication crosses the line and becomes abusive. This is not to say everyone must play nice; this is a combat/competitive game after all. The harassment law only applies to continued and targeted harassment of a particular person, not sporadic insults. The following language assumes a staff member has deemed the interaction as continued harassment. Public harassment of fellow players will result in a 10 day jail term. In general, private communications are just that, private, and not subject to decency or harassment laws. Players are encouraged to use the provided privacy tools to stop harassment. With that said persons who attempt to undermine the privacy tools will also get 10 days in jail. (10 Days)

B.) Flooding: Intentionally spamming or flooding the message boards, chat rooms, or other communication venues such as a player\'s inboxes will result in a 5 day jail term. Spamming of inboxes includes any form of producing a mass amount of messages i.e. sending small amounts of any item repeatedly, custom news messages, or the same or similar imail repeatedly. (5+ days)

C.) Slutting: Do not pay other players to suicide against you. (5 days)

D.) Encouraging Others to Break Rules: Intentionally encouraging or asking other players to break the rules will be met with the same punishment as the rule that was asked to be broken. Note: This also applies to Chat and MB rules. (Determined by the rule broken)

E.) Blackmail: Do not threaten or demand payment from any other player in order to persuade them to act in a manner they otherwise would not have. This includes threatening to report rule breakers unless they pay you, threatening to attack players and/or clans unless they pay you, threatening to attack players unless they join your clan etc. (15 days)

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VI. Player to Player Business Transactions :

A major part of the game involves dealing with other players in business transactions. Be aware that there are times when players overstretch themselves or make mistakes.

A.) Ripping: Taking gold from a player and not providing what you offered is illegal. Any player caught doing this will have the trade either voided or completed and the offender jailed. (0-2 billion = 15 days, >2-5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*. )

B.) Bad Trades: Trades must meet the agreement made in chat, imail, or the Message Boards. For items sent/received are more then what was agreed on in chat or imail, whoever receives the extra funds must refund the other player right away. For any funds ACCIDENTLY sent from one player to another that were not part of any deal made in chat or imail or on the message boards, it is up to the receiver to make a moral decision to return the funds. Deals made in chat are considered binding once one player fulfills their end of the trade. (0-2 billion = 15 days, >2-5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*. )

C.) Clan Staff Selling: Clan staff position selling is strongly discouraged and will not be enforced.

D.) Loan Defaulting: If a player is not able or willing to pay back a loan (the existence of such a loan is to be proven with the original loan contract in (saved) imail from the borrower to the loaner agreeing to the conditions set), the defaulter will be jailed and they will have any outstanding funds + any agreed interest removed from them and the loaner will have the funds returned to them (interest will not be paid back to the loaner).
This will only be done when the full time period of the loan has expired, meaning ALL contracts must include a clearly defined end date in order to be valid.
(0-2 billion = 15 days, >2-5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*

To clarify:

  • Open ended contracts will not be enforced by management
  • Any payments made already will only be counted towards the ORIGINAL loanamount. Payments, in any shape or form, will NEVER be counted towards interest.
  • In general, staff use main reset on the due date, in game time, as a threshold. This to avoid any issues with date and or daylight savings, etc.
  • Since imails are deleted after 30 days (45 for donators), it is advised to save your loan conditions via the [SAVE] function in imails if the duration of the loan is longer than this period.
  • Loans are considered personal and therefor cannot, for any reason, be transferred to another player.
  • View this Loaning Guide for more information on forming contracts and some other loaning info.

E.) Gambling: Any wagers made on out of game events like sports and other competitions will not be enforced.

F.) External Trading: Do not trade currency, items, or characters in this game for something out-of-game. You may not give your character to anybody. Doing so defeats the purpose of the game. If you are caught doing so, your punishment is up to Admins. (<= 5bil = 40 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*.)

G.) Selling Game Information: Exchanging information for any kind of currency, whether game currency or real currency, is strictly prohibited. All game information is free and readily available for those who seek it. Do not take advantage of people by trying to charge people for it. (10 days)

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VII. Clan Ownership:

A.) Clan Ownership: All equipment and currency contained within clans, for example, branded weapons and armour, gems, and gold, is considered the property of the clan owner. Co-Owners may only use these items for the tasks they have been given permission to use them for. Any player who steals from a clan will be punished severely. ((0-2 billion = 15 days, >2-5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that*.)

B.) Multiple Clan Ownership: All players on Eternal Duel may own only at most one clan on Eternal Duel. Any players caught using a second clan in any way will be jailed. This includes one clan funneling items to another clan. Selling or trading a second clan is also illegal, as is selling a clan for a friend. (<=5 billion = 30 days, + 15 days for every 5 billion after that* . + excess clans deleted)

C.) Leaderless Clans: Any clan without a leader set will be deleted. The clan will not be given to the co-leader. If a clan is set for deletion all current members of the leaderless clan will be given the opportunity to purchase any branded equipment they have in their possession.

D.) Clan Banner: Clan banners and images may not contain URLs that lead to other games, pornography or illegal material (including copywrighted media). Images used may not contain illustrations of adult material, including pornography and gore or excessive graphical violence. Images or phrases breaching this rule will be removed and repeated failure to follow the rule will lead to a jail term. A warning may not always be issued first, depending on the severity of the offense. (30 days)

E.) Clan Mine Freezing: Players that own a clan will have the mine of that clan frozen for the duration of their jail time no matter what the offense that led to their jailing.

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VIII. Player to Staff Interactions :

Both players and staff are expected to co-exist in a polite and respectful environment. This applies to professional interaction only as there are instances when the staff member is acting in the capacity of a player and not an administrator. This is not to say a staff member may become abusive and claim they were acting in a player capacity, but it does mean a staff member need not be stoic at all times. They are volunteers, and need/have the right to relax/get into arguments, too. This should never be the case in professional settings, though (i.e. Customer Service requests).

A.) Staff Harassment/Slander: Any complaints against staff will be offered in a clear, courteous manner, free of profanity and overflowing in wit and charm. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff members will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending remarks being removed and a 10 day jail sentence for the offender. (10 Days)

B.) Conduct: Since Staff are players all rules apply to them as well as they must follow all rules.

C.) Admin Begging: Do not ask Admins or Managers for currency, items or information not available to all players; feel free to ask for help, though. (10 days)

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Players have had questions regarding illumination of certain laws, boundaries, and scenarios, and here are the answers:

* Deciding on amounts used to determine jailtime given: In the case of resources other than gold being involved in a ruleinfringement, staff will determine the value of said resources fairly.

What is \"Jail\"?:
For a brief explanation of \"jail\" and its effects on an account, please visit the page: HERE

Staff Obligations to Players: Staff are obligated to respond to, and, if possible, assist in any requests made. Official conduct between players and staff by imail is fine. Players can expect a reply to their queries within two business days. (Please note: requests should not be made to upper game management directly, as you are not going to get \"better help\" by asking the Managers or Vice Managers.)

Repeat Offenders: Harsher punishments/deletions may be issued to repeat offenders at staff’s discretion.

Wrongful Accusations: If you feel you have been unfairly jailed, chat banned, or any other form of punishment, imail senior management (Managers and Vice Managers) a formal complaint. You may also submit a formal complaint through the support centre.

Ignorance: Although ignorance in itself is not an offense, it will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking any actual rules. Meaning all players are expected to be aware of and follow the Rules.

Special cases: We cannot write a rule for every single possible scenario. Therefore there are times you may be jailed for something which is not specificly set out in the rules. Staff offer many services to players but will do so under agreed terms, breaking said terms can lead to a rule infraction which will be punished by the closest similar rule. This action will always be discussed by all management before actions are taken.

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