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The great war has ended, and only 6 of the numerous races once inhabiting this land remain. Etheria is no longer the world it once was, so many secrets lost, technology, magicks´┐Ż and of course the dragons. Only one dragon is known to have survived the years of non stop warring, though others believe there are more, waiting, watching from their hiding places until the time is right to reclaim the lands.

As more time has passed, the ruins of ancient cities have been rebuilt slowly, and as all seems calm, there is a strong undercurrent throughout the land, groups of like minded people from all races creating "clans", all now looking to be rulers of Etheria.

Technology is being remade, the elders of the races doing what they can to remember the secrets of old and usher in a wave of expansion.. and domination. There are even tales of magicks once more being created and used again, for one purpose.. WAR!

Take on the role of a mighty Orc warrior, an Undead savage, a Human trader and profiteer, a graceful, noble High Elf, a savage mysterious Dark Elf, the proud hard working hearty Dwarves, or be whatever you wish to be, any race, any path to choose, be it peace, be it war, one thing IS certain, the battles are starting again, as if they never stopped, this battle for Etheria.. an Eternal Duel.

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