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6th - DoG
11th - MPOG TOP
11th - HotRP
22nd - TWG
29th - XTop100
?th - GS 100
?th - TGS
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Donating to the Game

You can help support the game by making a small donation of your choice.

  1. 1 Syphon per Australian dollar
  2. 1 Custom News message per Australian dollar
  3. 5 Access points to the "Auto NPC Battle" area per Australian dollar
  4. Optional Bold Name in Chat
  5. Immunity from 90 day inactivity deletions
  6. Icon next to name showing Donation Rank
  7. Increased level range for PVP
  8. All advertising banners removed from the site
  9. Custom chat font colour

Everything will be credited in terms of Australian Dollars.

Current Syphon Usage Rates: These are determined by the current game economy. For further details, visit the DONATE link on your link list to see what the current rates are.

  1. *Activated through your Energy Options in the "My Account" section. Energy tokens will save all Energy, Wraithblade Touches, Mining Attempts, and Myth to Energy conversions at the cost of one token per Reset.
  2. *Jewelled Medallion is a special item which unlocks the 5th level of training (Ultimate Training). You must also be level 300 with 850 strength and agility to use this training. Unlike all other levels of training, Ultimate Training has no limitations or caps on how much it can be used.

What are the terms and conditions?

By donating to Eternal Duel (hereby known as "The Game"), you (hereby known as "The Donator") agree to the following:

1) The Donator agrees that the Donator options of The Game may be changed at any time as part of an administrative action by the administrators of the game and as such agrees that the said options on howtodonate.php do not constitute a legal binding document and may change without notice.

2) The Donator agrees to all the game rules set down by the administrators of the game and agrees that he/she DOES NOT gain immunity from such rules and is subject to the same regulations and punishment as all other members of the game community. These rules are documented on rules2.php but are subject to change without notice.