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Market Stalls

This is one of the most important locations in the game, so learn it well.

The Market Stalls are your resource to buy and sell almost any item in the game, and the basis for the Eternal Duel economy. Many players have found their fortunes by buying low and selling high in the Market Stalls.

From weapons and armour, to mythril, nectar, syphon, gems of all kinds, to even the incredibly rare Shaman Emblems can be bought and sold here. This is where you'll sell the items gained from mining for profit, or where you'll come to purchase gems for your weapons to get a little something extra. I'll give a brief overview of each section of the Market Stalls in the order they're listed:

Weapon Exchange: Weapons of all types are listed here, in order by damage. Keep in mind weapons can have their names changed by players, so even if it says soul blade, it might just be a lead pipe. Always click the weapon to check it out. Also by clicking on the weapon you can see if it's souled to another player, how many sockets the weapon has left, and any gold or experience bonuses you'll get from using the weapon.

Armour Exchange: Armour comes in several varieties, and each suit is made of multiple pieces. You need armour for your head, body, hands, and legs to make a complete suit and provide full protection. Armour varies and each piece is unique, so while 2 pieces may seem exactly alike, one might provide more protection than the other. Always check the defence rating when comparing pieces of armour.

Mythril Exchange: This market is one of the driving forces of the Eternal Duel economy. Because mythril is in demand by high-level players for extra energy and mythril weapons, the prices can fluctuate from day to day and even hour to hour.

Syphon Exchange: Syphon is the most versatile item in the game, because it can be used to create many other items, including items that can only be made from syphon. It can be used for Mythril, gems, and even Energy Tokens.

Nectar can be used to create lucky charms, it can be used to increase your stats, and it can clear the soul from a mythril weapon.

Key Exchange: Keys can be used to open treasure chests in the Countryside, as well as gambled with in the Gale Casino at the Key Wheel. They are bought and sold here.

Emblems are the rarest item in Eternal Duel, and that's a good thing. They're used to create your own clan, along with other requirements.

Auto NPC Battle Credit Exchange: Auto NPC Battle credits are useful, in that they let you use all your energy against an NPC in the Battle Arena with a single click, rather than clicking "fight again" over and over. They can be bought and sold here. You begin the game with 1 NPC Battle Credit. Other than buying them here, the only way to get them is by donating to the game.

Gem Market: Basic, Large, Super, and Master gems of all types are bought and sold here constantly. Master Crystals can be used in your armour to increase it's effectiveness, as well as in weapons for extra damage or possibly Experience bonuses. Diamonds and Emeralds can be used in weapons and offer much better bonuses than Crystals. Rubies can increase the damage your weapon does by a huge amount, and also can be used in potions to increase your Health/Hit Points.

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