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Clan Mines

Welcome to the Eternal Duel Mining Area. This is a list of all of the Clan Mines in the game that still have attempts left on them, sorted by Clan Mine Level. Also listed is the Clan Mine Tax and number of mining turns remaining on it.

Higher level mines give greater amounts of gems, mythril, and nectar, but watch out for that tax.

Anyone can use any clan's mine, regardless of whether or not you're in that clan. Mine owners can set different tax levels for members and non-members, so you may just be better off mining your own clan.

Once you select a mine you'll be told how much gold it will cost to mine each time. You can enter the amount of times you want to mine that mine, or simply click [Mine all] to mine as much as possible, depending on how many attempts you (or the mine) have left.

You get the opportunity to mine 15 times at each reset (Main and Minor), for a total of 30 mining attempts per day.

At level 15, a clan mine can produce mythril, and at level 30 a mine can produce nectar.
Certain mines can be mined more then others due to their level.

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Clan Mines