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Race Levels

You gain Race Levels and Experience by using Opals. The way you use them is you gain as many Opals as you can and turn them into Master Opals. It takes two MO's to gain one Race Level. It takes 4 Master Opal's to gain another race level after that and so on. You can get these Opals from:

  • fighting Special, Boss and Epic class NPCs in the Battle Arena
  • At the Pawn Shop in Silver Meadows.
  • By donating to the game to get Syphon (or buying it off the markets) and converting 50 Syphon to 1 master opal.
To use Opals you must give them to the Blacksmith in Silver Meadows. At Race Level 5 you are given the option to change your race. You will have the option to [Change Your Race] in your hut. Be aware though if you do this you will automatically become Race Level 1 for your new Race and you will be unable to equip any Race Specific Weapons or Armour of your previous race.

Race Level Experience Required Master Opals Needed
1 - -
2 10000 2
3 20000 4
4 30000 6
5 40000 8
6 50000 10
7 60000 12
8 70000 14
9 80000 16
10 90000 18
- well there isnt anymore you are now a god