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Have you ever wanted to be a farmer? Neither have I, but farming may just be your best source of income as a low-level player.
Farming is an easy way to get gold, however it takes time unlike fishing you have to wait a while before you see a return in your investment. First, you have to purchase your own farm, so you can have land to plant crops
Once you've got some land, you can buy different crops and plant them.

Experiment with every single crop and see which days they are good to pick and the amount of gold you get for each one, or check you clan boards, sometimes they have a chart with the farming information on it. Crops hardly need any maintenance once you know their days. One harvest day, simply pick and sell the ripe crops. The more you upgrade your barn, the higher the cost of it will be. Also if you upgrade your barn, you increase the potential for expansion of your acres/land. The more land you have the more crops you can plant.

  • Never buy a lot of the same crops until you know which one is best, that give you very little profit.

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