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Game Stats


Your character's level determines what type of weapons armour you can use and wear. It also determines what type of training you can do.


Race determines what race you are (funny how that is)Different races have different benefits; all information on this can be found at Races. Also, depending on Race Level, you get different bonus's all info Race Levels.

Health Points

Health points or HP is the amount of health you have left before you DIE. Dying = a bad thing but can be fixed at one of these places: The Witchdoctor in Silver Meadows or the Fountain of Life in Blackdale, aswell as the Hospital in Tyrale.

You gain HP for levelling or adding master rubies to yourself at the Potions Shop.
For those that can work this out
HP = level*(level+1) + 13 + High Elf modifiers + church gains/loss's + 25* MRs used.
Thanks to Xyranius for that.


Experience is the factor that is used to increase your level. Exp can be gained from players but more from NPCs.
Gains can be added from weapons as well to increase exp gained...


Energy is used for Training at the Legend Stone, on other players or on NPCs. When you run out of energy you can get more from using the Mythril Hut to exchange your Mythril to energy. The rates of exchange can change as you level up.

Mining Attempts

Mining attempts are how many turns you have left to use a mine.

Wraithblade Touches

Once you join the church you will be able to show your faith by touching the Wraithblade. You can only touch it a certain amount of times a day before it becomes too dangerous.


Strength is used to see how hard you hit certain players/NPCs. Certain NPCs require you to have a high strength to get past their armour. Strength can be trained at the Legend Stone.


Agility is used to see how fast you swing at another Player/NPC.
Agility can be trained at the Legend Stone


Gold, Eternal Duel's currency, is used to buy things from gems to armour. It can be made from selling gems, armour, using keys, battling players and NPCs (gold gains on weapons help to get more gold from NPCs). Certain NPCs give greater gold rewards then others.


If you have debt from defaulting on a loan or get negative gold by any other means, 70% of all money that touches you hand is taken off and put towards your debt (which will be a separate place displayed under your bank) So for example if you sell something on the markets when you withdraw the money from your bank, 70% of it will be deducted.