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8th - DoG
14th - HotRP
15th - MPOG TOP
18th - GS 100
19th - XTop100
33rd - TWG
35th - TGS
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,211
Signups yesterday: 0
Players Online: 1
Players in Chat: 1
Game Time: 15:01:37

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Staff Duties

Here are the duties of different Staff members. If you need any help with anything or wish to suggest something, feel free to contact any staff member. They are here to help you in any way possible.


Mangers oversee the game and make sure staff are doing their jobs correctly, and also address the players. Managers will provide input on all game decisions and will concede to a majority staff vote. A manager may take emergency action on an issue if the situation demands it.

ID 1. DarkCell - Game Owner / Coder
ID 2.
The Reaper(Away) - Staff Management


VM's help to create game policy's, rules, select new staff, and make promotions. They also are the bridge between the staff and players to make sure concerns are being addressed promptly and in a professional manner. They also assist in Admin duties as well as helping to maintain the MB's and the chat room.

Vice Managers (Policies and Rules) (ID 27. Xyranius - Rule Management)

-Put forward proposal for policy and rule changes
-Provide judgment in the case of a disagreement in rule interpretation.
-Liaise with Coding Staff to improve efficiency of game operation.

Vice Managers (Communications) (ID 28. ? Nuara ? - Communications)
-Provide Feedback to the player body
-Receive input and feedback from player body
-Liaise with All Staff for opinions and ideas
-Liaise with Coding Staff to improve efficiency of game operation.

Vice Managers (Staff Management) ( ID 23. Ric - Staff Management/ID 25. {PIMP} Phoenix - Staff Management)
-Manage Lower Staff (CMT-Admins)
-Choose Staff and manage staff body.


These are the people that implement new ideas into the game. Since they are volunteers they can not put all their time into coding new things for ED but they do all they can to add more depth into the game.

Development Staff (Coders) (ID 31. Zanne - Coder)
-Manipulate Game Engine
-Liaise with VMs and Managers for input into projects.
-Manage Game features and handle bug reports.


Admin's handle player requests, such as transferring items, change emails/passwords. They also investigate possible multi's. And also handle player complaints, such as unpaid loans, a hacked account etc. They also handle the Help Files in maintaining they are up to date, and correct. Admins also assist in maintaining MB's and the chat room.


ID 26. Sinn - General Admin/help files
ID 39.
Jin - Multi Hunter/Player Complaint
ID 42.
Allure - General Admin
ID 44.
~Angels~ Era - Multi Hunter/Player Complaints/help files
ID 48.
Mrs Forge - Support Center / Clan Admin

-Manage Player Body
-Support Centre Requests
Bugs to Coders

-Monitor MBs / Monitor Chat

Message Board Moderator:

Otherwise known as Mod's maintain a specific board/s assigned to them. Making sure they are not cluttered, and that no rules are being broken, such as someone posting URL's to illegal material. Mod's also assist in maintaining the chat room.

Moderators  ID 62. Tommux - Jokes Board
                        ID 64.
~=FC=~ Sexed Out Nino - Trading
                       ID 66.
{Sacred} Alex Caesar - Non-game Discussion/Game Developer
                          ID 67.
aerïs - General Board/Staff Board
                        ID 69.
Spectre - Q&A + Tech Boar

-Assist players with problems (or refer to higher level staff)
-Monitor MBs
-Monitor Chat

Chat Monitor:

CM's maintain chat and enforce that chat rules are being followed by issuing bans and time out's when needed.


ID 70. Aonghus - EPaper/Chat Monitor
ID 71.
Zero - Chat Monitor / Game Developer
ID 73.
~=FC=~River - Monitor
ID 75.
~=FC=~ Alucard - Trainee
ID 76.
[SoA]Abyss(away) - Monitor
ID 81.
JWMAJIC~KILL~ - Chat Monitor

-Assist players with problems (or refer to higher level staff)
-Monitor Chat

Chat Monitor Trainee:
CMT's help to maintain chat and enforce chat rules but are monitored by the rest of staff to make sure they are enforcing the rules correctly.


ID 6856. Sir Twisty Of Nipple - Trainee
ID 28616.
Taz [SoA] ™ - Trainee
ID 49998.
~=FC=~Bootstrap Bill - Game Developer
ID 181819.
Lara Croft - Cat Monitor Trainee

-Assist players with problems (or refer to higher level staff)
-Monitor Chat