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Getting Started

Now that you have an idea of how the game runs, these are some tips to playing.
If you follow these tips and use strategy, you can build a powerful character.

Use the gold you start with to buy a Lead Pipe from Greeth's Weaponry, and a Drawstring Bag from Marty's Store. You may, alternatively, want to use the gold to start farming. However, it may take a little while to figure out crop days. But, once you figure out crop days in the farm etc. it is a nice, steady source of income for any player.

The same can be said for fishing; once you have saved up some gold, investing it in a fish farm isn't a bad idea at all.

What can you do?

Each day you obtain 350 energy (250 energy at the game's Main Reset, 0:00 game time; 100 energy at Minor Reset, 12:00 game time). Check out Resets for more detailed info about what goes on at reset.
Energy can be used for either battling other players (PvP) or NPCs (PvE), or for training your stats at the Legend Stone in Blackdale.

Note: Energy is limited. Not all actions consume energy, but things like fighting and training stats do. Keep in mind that you can, and will, run out of energy at some point.

You can choose to train either agility or strength, or, by spending just a portion of your energy on one stat and the remainder on the other, you can train both.
When you first begin it is probably better to train a little bit in order to beat tougher NPCs or players.

NPCs can be a good source of income for your character because each time you manage to kill an NPC you get a certain amount of gold and/or gems, aside from the experience you need to level up your character.

Note: You must obtain a drawstring bag from Marty's Store in Blackdale in order to keep and hold the gems you earn from battling!

Life or Death.
To battle NPCs or other players you must be alive. If you need to be revived because you are dead you can do so at the Fountain of Life in Black Dale. This costs 1 gold per every 3 Health Points you need to recover. Undead characters will use the Fountain of Death instead, same location, different name.

Spoils of war.
When you battle NPCs you will notice that you randomly receive gold, gems and keys when you win. Gems can either be inserted into weapons at the Blacksmith to make them stronger or they can be traded with other players for gold. There are five types of gems: Crystals , Diamonds , Emeralds , Rubies and Opals (which can't be inserted into your weapon, nor can they be traded. They are only used for upgrading Race Levels).
Also, you can upgrade your gems at Jewels Inc, from normal into large, supers or masters; each higher class being stronger, or more effective, than the one(s) below it.
The strength by which your weapon is upgraded depends on which type and class of gem you insert into your weapon. No matter what type or class of gem it is they all take one socket in your weapon. Master gems are perhaps more expensive then normal ones are, but their effect is also increased.

Farming and Fishing.
Try to get a fishing boat and/or a barn as soon as possible. After an initial investment (not necessarily made at once, you can level up your boat or barn gradually, depending on your funds) they can provide you with a nice, steady, source of income. You won't get rich from either fishing or farming, but the extra gold helps. especially for the newer players.

You might want to take a look at the Clans and see if you find one that appeals to you. Joining a clan, though definitely NOT mandatory, is still a good idea. Clans can provide their members with help in many ways. Clans have their own Message Boards, often with guides, tips, hints etc. Clans can also provide their members with weapons and armour, either for free, or at a reduced price.

With a clan comes a mine. Mining is another source of income for players. At every reset, a player receives 15 "Mining Attempts" that they can use to mine in any of the available Clan Mines. You do not need to be a member of any clan in order to mine, though clan members often get reduced taxes on their gains in their clan's mine.
You pay a small fee per attempt you use, and you will get a report stating what you gained, and what the clan gained from your mining.
Once again, you can save up your gains, or you can sell them for gold, via direct trades with other players, or by posting a listing in the Market Stalls in Blackdale.

Chat can be a place to hang around, chat about everything and nothing. It can also be the place where you meet new people, learn about the game, or make that great deal, buying or selling resources. Of course, as with the game itself, there are some rules to chat. Make sure to follow these, and you should have a good time.

Here are some other pages you might want to look at:

  • New Player Guide - Pretty much self-explanatory. A guide. For New Players.
  • Game Resources - Gives a more in-depth explanation of the various resources in Eternal Duel.
  • Game Stats - Here you can see a bit of info on the various game stats.