Our World Rankings
7th - DoG
11th - HotRP
28th - XTop100
31st - GS 100
33rd - TWG
48th - TGS
?th - MPOG TOP
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,260
Signups yesterday: 0
Players Online: 5
Players in Chat: 3
Game Time: 02:06:03

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Teamspeak Instructions

TeamSpeak is a voice chat application. It can also be used for text conversations, but we prefer you to keep those to the main in-game chat and leave this running in the background for audio conversations.

Please note, the server is set up to use teamspeak version 2, no technical help is available for setting things up correctly on teamspeak version 3.

1) Click HERE and download a Client version for your operating system. (This link is currently not working correctly, if you wish to install and use Teamspeak, please ask in chat and a member of staff should be able to provide you with a stable link to the installer.)

2) Install and run TeamSpeak using the file you downloaded.

3) Click Connection, then Connect.

4) Right click on "Servers", click "Add Server", name it "Eternal Duel".

5) Type in the following information:

- Server Address: ts.eternalduel.com or eternalduel.com

- Check the Registered circle

- Login Name: Your Eternal Duel ID number (eg 1023569)

- User Password: Your Eternal Duel Password (eg mashedpotatoes5)

Click Connect.

Please note that all Chat Rules apply to team speak. And if you break a rule in TS you will be banned from chat, and vice versa.