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The Eternal Duel Support Center (EDSC) is a customer support system for players who are unable to log into the game. If you are jailed for breaking Game Rules, for instance, you may use the EDSC to inquire about the reasons or appeal your case.This is also used if you have forgotten a password etc. This support centre means you do not have to create a multi to log into the game to talk to staff.
When creating a request, please use the email that is listed as your active email for the account and provide the ID of your character. Requests are handled by admins and up; if you are jailed, the person who jailed you will be handed the request.

If you are able to log into the game, you may use regular imails to contact staff with problems. In such cases EDSC is mostly only used when a player wants to change their email.

When your request is handled, the reply will come to your email from an automated ED address. Please do not reply to this address, instead create another request if you wish to further comment on the case. Most requests are handled within a day of their arrival, please be patient with a reply. Sometimes further investigation and/or discussion may be needed before an answer can be provided.

Please note, that making another ED account whilst in jail will result in +5 days onto your jail sentence for every account made

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EDSC - Support Centre