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Here is an explanation of the chat rules:

Rule 1. No double posting.
Double posting is posting the same message or a message very similar twice or more in a row. This also counts as the "Once Per Page" Rule.

For example:

PlayerA> 5 mythril successfully added to the market for 8,250,000 gold. (1,650,000 gold per Mythril)
PlayerB> lol
PlayerC> [says something funny]
PlayerB> Going to SM
PlayerA> 5 mythril successfully added to the market for 8,250,000 gold. (1,650,000 gold per Mythril)
PlayerB> lol
PlayerA> [says something funny]

Ok Player A double posted we know this.
Player B did not. They laughed pure and simple.
Stuff like "Hi", "lol", and common statements don't fall under the once per page rule at all.

Rule 2. No excessive caps.
A few words are allowed in caps. You should only use caps when necessary, though. Conversations within context where it is necessary to use all caps e.g. "WHOO!!! I WON!!!" is allowed, but only in moderation.

Excessive caps would be:

"WHERE IS SILVER MEADOWS?!?" - There is absolutely no excuse or reason for this.

This could get by though:


Why?? Who wouldn't be excited about killing it for the first time?

Rule 3. No flooding.
Flooding is posting 5 or more lines in a row within 2 minutes. Also, don't be needlessly spamming one word, number, letter, or emoticon in one line, multiple times.

Ok.. Don't really need an explanation for flooding... but need one for spam.
BTW there are two types: Horizontal and Vertical.

Horizontal Spamming is when a character, symbol, word etc is repeated four or more times. For example:

spam spam spam spam spam

And this is Vertical Spamming:

Player> I went to the store today.
Player> I went to the store
Player> I went to the
Player> I went to
Player> I went
Player> I

Note also that too many emoticons of any kind in one line is considered spamming. Only use a few at most.

Rule 4. Do not advertise or post Out-Of-Game URLs in chat.
The following actions are not allowed and can lead to you being banned from chat:
  • advertising other textbased games in chat or posting out of game URLs (real or fake) in chat. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • advertising by offering the URL Via I-Mail, MSN, etc.
    • telling other players to "join or play x game" where x is the name of the game.
    • Requesting coders in chat
  • Posting Social Media addies (such as, but not limited to, facebook, msn, skype, twitter) and E-mail addresses in chat, real or fake. Keep them to I-mail or the MB's.
Exceptions to this rule are:
  • eternalduel URLs, www.goteamspeak.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Eternal-Duel/ and http://twitter.com/EternalDuel.
  • Approved registered trademarks that have a URL as their title (such as battle.net or asp.net)
The posting of e-mails and "minor" URLs such as Youtube or Google links carries a lower penalty, however attempting to get a shorter ban for posting an URL in the form of an email address will carry the full penalty, in accordance with the loopholing game rule.

Fairly clear rule, doesn’t really need an explanation.

Rule 5. Don't disobey a direct command from a staff member.
A lot of us are strict at certain times. Failure to do so may incur a chat ban. If you are told to stop then please do so. Think of a Staff member as a Referee. Their decision is final.

Staff mostly use this rule to stop fights between players from escalating in chat, and also at times when a discussion might be becoming inappropriate for chat.

Rule 6. English only in chat.
This includes the excessive use of "Leet" text ( The use of numbers and/or symbols in place of letters, no more then 3 times a chat line). N00b to use as 'Newer Player' is allowed.

Rule is clear, do not use languages other than English in chat, also do not replace number or characters in words. This also includes typing the words backwards.

Rule 7. No supplying false information to any players in chat.
For example, if someone asks what mythril is worth, you cannot say it is worthless to get a good price for it.

The rule doesn’t really need an explanation.

Rule 8. Do not give out coordinates to Quest items in the Countryside.
Revealing them via imail or on the Message Boards is still permissible but allow people who want to do the quest on their own the opportunity to do so.

Self explanatory. Please note the following though: Due to the randomness of some of the quests when it comes to Countryside locations, we kindly ask you to keep Countryside coördinates in chat limited to those of the cities.

Rule 9. Do not promote negative stereotypes in chat.
Prejudiced comments based on group association, whether it be ethnicity, sexual preference, political alignment or something else, will not be tolerated. This includes both comments targeted at other players and general comments not aimed at anyone and includes making jokes.

This rule is not there to moderate any discussion regarding religion, politics or similar subjects but to keep all such discussion civil and prevent racist and prejudiced comments.

Rule 10. Do not harass, provoke or antagonise new players to the game.
They will not necessarily know things regular players take for granted and should be treated kindly while they are still learning the game.

This rule is designed to protect new players that could potentially be staying with ED and playing the game and are just trying to learn the game. Players that sign up and criticize ED, advertise or begin provoking other players in chat are not protected by this rule.