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The Prison

The Prison is where you go if you have broken one or more of Eternal Duel's Game Rules.

Here you will see Eternal Duel's players that have broken the Game Rules, and were sent here to be punished. The punishments for breaking rules vary based on the rule you broke and can be viewed in the Game Rules section.

When you are in here, you cannot access Eternal Duel at all and energy tokens, should you be using them, will be deactivated. This means any saved up energy is subject to the normal Main Reset halving. Normal reset action will also affect as any Wraithblade touches, Mining Attempts and Mythril turns you may have had saved up. Also, if you are a clan owner, in some cases your clan mine may be frozen for the duration of your jailing.

You can also Throw Food at people in the Prison, this will give them a news message when they get out saying ""Your Name" threw mouldy cheese at you!". The food that is thrown varies, from old apples to apricots. It costs 50,000 Gold to throw food at a person in the Prison

If you have been jailed and would like to appeal use the EDSC, link found below.

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