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Shadow Church

Joining the Shadow Church can help greatly as you advance your character in Eternal Duel. It allows you access to several services that you can only find here, such as praying for extra Health/Hit Points, Strength, and Agility.

You are allowed to touch the Wraithblade up to 4 times per day, twice after each reset, to gain Faith Points. You can also use AP for Faith Points.
At each Main Reset your Faith Points are taxed 40 points.
Faith Points allow you to pray for stat or health increases and gain an edge aside from training or levelling up. You can also lose stats or health. Lucky Charms increase your chances of gaining stats or health when praying in the Shadow Church. (it will not guarantee it though).

To be able to pray for stats you must first become a member of the Shadow Church. The Shadow Church does have requirements for joining though.
A player must have at least:
1000 battle wins,
50,000 gold
Be at least level 5.

When praying for stats remember you run as much risk of losing as you do gaining them.
To get Lucky Charms you need to go to the Nectar Shop.

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Shadow Church