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NPC Arena

Welcome to the Black Dale Battle Arena, where you can test your strength against NPCs.

This is where you'll challenge yourself using your energy to fight and win. The spoils of battle are experience, gold, and possibly gems as well. You'll start out battling the lowly Soldier Ant, and eventually, through training and determination, fight your way to the top to battle the Boss of the Black Dale NPC Arena: Ancient Dragon.

There are different categories of NPC in the Arena, Normal, Magic, Special and Boss.

Normal NPCs are just that, normal.

The Magic NPC, the Shaman, isn't very powerful and has a chance, albeit a very low one, of dropping a Shaman Emblem, the rarest item in Eternal Duel. The Shaman sometimes drops Opals along with normal gems if you defeat him.

Special NPCs are strong, but worth fighting as they sometimes drop Opals when defeated.

The one and only Boss NPC of Black Dale Arena is a tough battle. You'll need high strength, agility, and powerful weapons and armour to defeat it. Moonwolfen sometimes drops Opals when defeated.

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