Our World Rankings
9th - DoG
14th - HotRP
16th - MPOG TOP
18th - GS 100
21st - XTop100
32nd - TWG
43rd - TGS
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,257
Signups yesterday: 1
Players Online: 2
Players in Chat: 2
Game Time: 03:54:49

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The Help Centre is the place to go if you have a problem to report in Eternal Duel. Here, you can:

- Report Multi's.- Use this to Report people with more than one account on Eternal Duel.

- Make a complaint about a Player.- If someone is harrassing you, report them here.

- Make a complaint about a Staff.- If you get unfair treatment by a staff, report them here.

- Report a Bug/ Error.- If you see a bug or error, report it here or on the bug board.

- Report a Clan issue/ problem.- If your clan has a issue or problem, report it here.

And the page also supplies helpful links to the:

-Welcome Page (With News and Updates).- This page supplies all of Eternal Duel's new's and infomation about updates.

- The Bug Board.- Another place to report any bugs in Eternal Duel.

- The Suggestion Board (At the bottom of this page).- A place to give suggestions for how to improve Eternal Duel.

- The Question and Answer Board.- A place to Ask Questions and Get Answers by the people of Eternal Duel.

-The Help Files.- A vital thing to Read before you start Eternal Duel. It gives you infomation about how to play, and advice on what you should do as well as telling you the rules and much more.

- How to Become Staff.- These are the requirments to become staff in Eternal Duel.

Before you Ask a Question on the Question and Answer Board, please read the Help Files as they will most likely answer your question. If you abuse any of the Help Centre functions, you will be punished.

External Links

Help Centre - The Ed help Centre.