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6th - DoG
9th - MPOG TOP
11th - HotRP
24th - TWG
37th - XTop100
?th - GS 100
?th - TGS
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Game Time: 01:19:15

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Game Codes, MB and Chat Codes

/font= and then the number of the corresponding font colour. So it would look like /font=8
Changes your default color, to the color related to the number.
[font=1-9] Changes text in between the [font] and [/col] tags to the color related to the number.

[/col] Ends a [font=] tag.
An exact step by step process of how to change the font color is below:
First you put in [font=#]. # is to replace a colour number found below. Input a number. Then Type in the text you want. After you have typed in your desired text, type in [/col]. You can do font colour changing multiple times within a chat line.

[u]Underline[/u] - Please note, underline is no longer supported in chat.

-[me Uses the action command. EG: [me falls asleep...
You must use a lower case "m" and do not bother closing the brakets.


`c` turns into Crystals
`d` turns into Diamonds
`e` turns into Emeralds
`r` turns into Rubies
`o` turns into Opals
`m` turns into Mythril
`n` turns into Nectar
`g` turns into Gold
`k` turns into Keys
`ma` turns into Mining Attempts
`em` turns into Shaman Emblem
`bore` turns into Bronze Ore
`sore` turns into Silver Ore

You can also append l, s, and m to the gem ones to get things such as large and master.
For example, `lc` would turn into Large Crystals

-`nam` turns into a clickable link of your game name.

-`name` turns into your name (not clickable).

-`id` turns into your Game ID.

-`fb` Link to ED on Facebook.

-`twit` Link to ED on Twitter.

-`market` Gives a link showing your blackdale market listings

Color Codes

/font=1 Blue
/font=2 Red
/font=3 Green
/font=4 Grey-Blue
/font=5 Yellow
/font=6 Cyan
/font=7 Pink
/font=8 Purple
/font=9 White
/font=10 Grey
/font=11 Bright Pink

Staff can find out what the staff font color codes are by asking a coder.
Donator's can use a hexidecimal code for their Font Color.
eg. 11
88DD = This color. First 2 alphanumerics are red, second pair are green, third are blue.

Emotes can be found at EMOTES R US