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6th - OnRPG
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8th - GS 100
18th - TGS
24th - HotRP
27th - MMORPG 100
28th - TWG
29th - XTop100
?th - Top RP
?th - GS 200
?th - WO Games
?th - MPOG TOP
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The Bank is the place to go when you want to store your hard earned gold or withdraw it for a spending spree.
Depositing your gold into the bank will save you from losing any of it from the 1% gold tax at major Resets, or having it stolen from Orcs who have a racial ability to steal gold info on this can be found at Races. Also, if you have a listing to buy items at the Greedy Market in Silver Meadows you must have gold in your bank to complete transactions.

If you have debt from defaulting on a loan or get negative gold by any other means, 70% of all money that touches you hand is taken off and put towards your debt (which will be a separate place displayed under your bank) So for example if you sell something on the markets when you withdraw the money from your bank, 70% of it will be deducted.

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