Our World Rankings
9th - DoG
10th - GS 100
19th - TGS
23rd - MMORPG 100
27th - HotRP
31st - XTop100
36th - TWG
?th - Top RP
?th - OnRPG
?th - GS 200
?th - MPOG TOP
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,392
Signups yesterday: 2
Players Online: 6
Players in Chat: 6
Game Time: 00:28:02

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The Game Developers are working with the Coders and are coming up with new and interesting ideas for the game.

We all look forward to seeing what they have in store for us

Please Forward any suggestions you have to:

Wifey -- Communications Vm.

Spectre -- Development team Leader / Game Coder.

Foamy -- Help Files

You can also make a suggestion on the Suggestion Message Boards.