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6th - DoG
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7th - WO Games
9th - GS 100
12th - GS 200
20th - XTop100
21st - MMORPG 100
22nd - TGS
23rd - TWG
23rd - HotRP
?th - Top RP
?th - MPOG TOP
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Active Players: 3,891
Signups yesterday: 2
Players Online: 14
Players in Chat: 11
Game Time: 07:32:16

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Wizardwood Tavern

The Wizardwood Tavern is a place to kick back, relax, and have a drink or ten.

You can ask about DarkCell, the game owner, chat with the bartender, or even try to be sneaky and lift some gold from the tips jar. You may also hear some unsettling rumours about a shady character.

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Wizardwood Tavern