Our World Rankings
4th - OnRPG
8th - DoG
21st - GS 100
24th - TGS
28th - TWG
32nd - HotRP
38th - MMORPG 100
?th - Top RP
?th - GS 200
?th - MPOG TOP
?th - XTop100
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,866
Signups yesterday: 5
Players Online: 8
Players in Chat: 5
Game Time: 08:53:44

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Marty's Store

Marty is nice enough to sell you a drawstring bag for 1000 gold when you begin Eternal Duel. You'll need this item to hold any gems to gain from battling in the NPC Arena or mining. You can also polish gems for him using your energy for gold. The amount of gold she gives you is based on your level.

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Marty's Store