Our World Rankings
7th - OnRPG
8th - DoG
9th - GS 100
16th - TGS
26th - HotRP
29th - TWG
29th - MMORPG 100
40th - XTop100
?th - Top RP
?th - GS 200
?th - MPOG TOP
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,879
Signups yesterday: 2
Players Online: 8
Players in Chat: 8
Game Time: 19:55:53

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Village Hall

The Village Hall is the location of all of the records in Eternal Duel. Here you can view the:
-Staff List
-Guidelines on Becoming Staff
-Staff Biographies
-Players Online
-Player Rankings
-Hall of the Greats
-Most Active People in Chat
-Most Active People on the Message Boards
-Most Active Players
-Today's Most Active Players

You can also find assistance with Game Help, get your unique referal URL, calculate the prices of items, as well as see the Game Welcome, Recent Game News, and Recent Game Updates.

It is also where you go to see what projects our coders are currently working on in the Lake of Change. There you can show your support for a project by making a donation towards its completion.

It's everything you ever wanted to know about the people who play Eternal Duel in one spot.

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Village Hall