Our World Rankings
6th - OnRPG
8th - DoG
10th - GS 100
13th - TGS
18th - MMORPG 100
19th - HotRP
23rd - XTop100
32nd - TWG
?th - Top RP
?th - GS 200
?th - WO Games
?th - MPOG TOP
Game Statistics
Active Players: 3,723
Signups yesterday: 8
Players Online: 7
Players in Chat: 3
Game Time: 14:09:23

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Delvery Service

The Delivery Service can be used to send items to another player without a trade for gold.

You can send most items, barring weapons and armour.

You can also use this service by clicking on a player's name/profile and scrolling down to "Send Items".

Delivery Service